Hello and welcome to the blog of first Australian Labradoodles in Poland! Here we will be showing you our everyday life, what we do, who we are - especially for those of you who can not visit us in person. Enjoy reading! If you want to read more about Australian Labradoodles please visit the website: www.labradoodle.com.pl

About Us

We are small bre­eders. We do not have a lot of lit­ters per year as we think that the only way to raise the pup­pies right is by devo­ting them eno­ugh time. So 2 or maximum 3 lit­ters is what we can have and be sure that they will be all pro­perly socia­li­zed and pre­pa­red to go for the big world.
All of our dogs live in our home and are 100% mem­bers of our family.
We do not breed the dogs until we know that we have eno­ugh of fami­lies on our waiting list. We care­fully cho­ose our fami­lies because we want to be 100% sure that those homes will be the per­fect homes for all of our pup­pies.
When we have our lit­ter we make sure all the pup­pies are socia­li­zed accor­din­gly to our pro­gram. All our know­ledge is tur­ned into what we do with the pup­pies in order to pro­vide them eve­ry­thing they need to become sta­ble adults in the future.
For more information please visit our website at www.labradoodle.com.pl